The Stonehenge Retirement Planning Process

You’ve worked hard to create a better retirement. As that day draws closer, you want to rest assured you can have the retirement you’ve dreamed of all these years. Stonehenge’s team of financial professionals is here to help create a unique, sound plan that can help you meet your financial needs and live out the retirement dreams you’ve earned.

Step 1: Determine your current financial situation.

Everyone has to start somewhere when planning for retirement. We’ll review your income, savings, living expenses, debts, and assets to provide you with a snapshot of your current financial picture.

Step 2: Develop your financial goals.

What do you want to do with your retirement? Give back to the community? Travel? Everyone’s a little different. We’ll help you identify those goals and separate the wants from the needs.

Step 3: Identify, evaluate, and initiate alternative courses of action.

Life doesn’t always go as planned — your retirement is no different. We’ll help you identify and evaluate different streams of retirement income to see which ones can be most beneficial to your goals. Once we’ve decided what works for you, we’ll help put that plan into motion.

Step 4: Monitor, review, and revise your plan.

Your retirement plan isn’t a “one-and-done” deal — it’s a dynamic process that doesn’t end when the action plan begins. We’ll regularly meet with you to assess the state of your plan and see how we can optimize your returns.